VS Factory published new eSteel PAM 1288 Submersible

When it comes to super clones of Panerai watches, one puzzling aspect is the apparent lack of involvement from other watch factories, aside from VS. Even during periods when the VS factory was temporarily closed, no other factories seemed keen on entering the market for Panerai replica watches. Although TT factory emerged, their Panerai replicas failed to achieve super clone status, despite some of their manual winding models enjoying strong sales.

VS factory initially gained prominence for its Panerai replica watches, which were unrivaled in quality several years ago — perhaps over a decade now. At that time, Panerai watches were immensely popular, and VS was the sole factory producing top-tier replica Panerai watches, boasting a comprehensive collection. Interestingly, VS initially operated under a different name during its formative years. Today, VS has ascended to become one of the market’s leading watch companies, alongside ZF.

When it comes to the best replica Panerai watches, I exclusively recommend VS. While other watch factories may desire a share of this market, I doubt their ability to compete. While watchmaking technology isn’t a closely guarded secret, the movements used in these Panerai replica watches, such as the super clone P.900 and super clone P.9010, seem exclusive to VS. The movement factory responsible for developing these super clone Panerai movements likely has an agreement with VS stipulating that all movements are exclusively supplied to them. VS, in turn, likely commits to ordering a specified quantity of movements from this factory. Therefore, by controlling the movement supply, VS effectively dominates the entire Panerai replica watch market.

The new Panerai replica watch in question is one of several 44mm Submersible models recently released by the VS factory. The genuine PAM 1288 is crafted from eSteel, a type of stainless steel. The replica features a brushed case, including the crown bridge, and a ceramic bezel insert adorned with studded markers in stainless steel. I particularly appreciate the stud decoration, reminiscent of traditional Panerai Submersible watches from the past. Superluminova material is applied to the hour markers and hands, although the exact composition remains a secret. While the replica’s lume may initially shine brightly, its long-term durability compared to genuine Panerai lume is uncertain. Inside beats VS factory’s classic super clone P.900 movement, rigorously tested over more than a decade in numerous Panerai watches, ensuring quality and accuracy with an ultra-low repair rate. The nylon band features leather sides for comfortable wear, and VS also provides an extra rubber band with this Panerai model.

PPF V2 Nautilus 5712 Unveiled

Over the past few months, many inquiries have poured in regarding the Nautilus 5712 replica watch, and I’m pleased to announce that it is now officially in stock. The Patek Philippe Nautilus 5712 replica has been a best-seller in the last couple of years, owing to its sporty appearance, multifunctionality, and the captivating asymmetry of its dial—a feature that resonates with many enthusiasts. However, the earlier V1 edition had a noticeable flaw in the form of a false power reserve indicator. The recently released V2 edition has addressed this issue, featuring a genuine power reserve indicator, marking a significant improvement.

While the V2 edition has been promoted by PPF since April 2022, its release was awaited for several months, and it has only recently become available. It’s worth noting that both ZF and PPF are under the same ownership, with ZF serving as the main watch company and PPF operating as a sub-branch primarily focused on producing Nautilus replicas.

As for the V2 Nautilus 5712, the dial showcases a functional power reserve located at 10 o’clock and 11 o’clock. Winding the watch by pulling out the crown and turning it causes the small hand within the power reserve indicator to move slowly towards the left, stopping at the number “48” when fully wound, matching PPF’s claim of a 48-hour power reserve. Regarding water resistance, caution is advised—although the screw-in crown and screw-down case back provide good waterproofing, the two small holes on the case set with push buttons for adjusting the moon phase and date pose a risk of water penetration. Consequently, wearing the watch while swimming is discouraged due to its significant value.

It’s important to note that the V2 Nautilus 5712 comes with a higher price tag, and ZF offers it bundled with their 40mm Submariner, which means customers must purchase an additional black Submariner or green hulk to obtain the V2 5712. This strategy is a result of excess stock of 40mm Submariner replicas that ZF needs to clear. While the cost may be high initially, it’s expected that ZF will eventually reduce the price, although the exact timeline for this adjustment is uncertain. On a positive note, ZF has already reduced the price of the V1 Nautilus 5712.

Z Factory Replica IWC Portuguese Annual Calendar IW503502 with Asia Clone 52850 Movement

I’ve emphasized multiple times that Z factory excels in crafting top-quality replica IWC watches, particularly the revered IWC Portuguese 7 Days Power Reserve, hailed as a classic timepiece in our market. With a notable 3-day power reserve, a significant breakthrough in itself, ZF has further surprised enthusiasts in early 2019 by introducing the latest models of the Portuguese Annual Calendar. This release solidifies Z factory’s dominance in the replica IWC Portuguese domain, and the subsequent review will provide insights into these watches along with accompanying photos.

The IW503502 series comprises four watches, three of which feature a white stainless steel finish, while the remaining one boasts a rose gold case. For illustration purposes, I’ll focus on the stainless steel model with a black leather strap. The case, constructed from solid 316L stainless steel, measures 44mm in diameter with a thickness of 14mm. The round case and thin bezel contribute to an expansive dial appearance, adhering to the classic design seen in many dress watches. Reflecting the simplicity and elegance characteristic of IWC Portuguese, the case features polished front face lugs, brushed sides, and improved lug curvature for a closer resemblance to the genuine counterpart. The case back is transparent, revealing the intricate details through sapphire crystal.

The white dial presents all the watch functions prominently. Positioned at 12 o’clock, an annual calendar window displays month, date, and week. At 3 o’clock, a small dial serves as a 7-day power reserve indicator, showcasing the remaining energy. Although the replica lacks a genuine 7-day power reserve, it accommodates two days of timing with a single full winding.

Powering the IWC Portuguese Annual Calendar replica is an Asia IWC 52850 automatic movement. ZF meticulously disassembled all 326 components of the original movement, achieving a remarkable 90% similarity in appearance. Furthermore, the clone movement replicates the adjusting method and winding feel precisely, matching the original. Given the watch’s transparent case back, ZF focused on intricate movement decoration for an authentic aesthetic. The accompanying photos showcase the four Portuguese Annual Calendar watches.

PPF V4 Replica Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711 Rose Gold with Gray Dial

Great news – both V6 and VS factories are back in action, albeit for a limited time. They’re focusing on clearing out their old stocks. Currently, certain Panerai models like PAM 441 and 438 are up for grabs. Additionally, the stainless steel Ballon Bleu 42mm from V6 factory is in stock. Once these sell out, the waiting game begins, as these factories might not be accepting new orders immediately. Keep an eye out for their next return.

As for Noob, there’s still no update from them. Some dealers may claim to have watches, like the Daytona, from Noob, but exercise caution – it could be a scam. Verify the information and don’t fall for any deceptive tactics.

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Today, I’d like to showcase an exceptional replica watch – the Patek Philippe Nautilus replica with the model number 5711. Crafted by PP factory, commonly referred to as PPF, this timepiece is recognized as a top-quality replica, often described as a 1:1 replica due to its precision and attention to detail. PPF has been one of the pioneering factories in producing replicas of the Patek Philippe Nautilus, and their Nautilus models have consistently earned praise for their quality.

Despite PPF’s stellar reputation, an increasing number of enthusiasts are turning to Nautilus replicas from 3K. The perception is that the Nautilus from 3K boasts a more accurate case thickness. In my view, when it comes to Nautilus, the distinctions between 3K and PPF are relatively minimal. The blue dial variant of the Nautilus, in particular, enjoys popularity among enthusiasts produced by PPF.

Presenting a rose gold Nautilus replica watch featuring a captivating gray dial and complemented by a brown leather strap – a style that resonates with my personal preferences. The dial is truly remarkable; it’s not a flat gray color. At certain angles, there’s a subtle brownish hue, a unique characteristic exclusive to this V4 version. The 40mm case has a slim profile, measuring at 8.5mm thickness, mirroring the authentic watch closely.

The synergy of rose gold, gray dial, and brown leather strap is truly harmonious. Clients who have acquired golden watches from me remain satisfied, attesting to the enduring allure of this combination. Rest assured, concerns about gold fading are minimal with proper care and maintenance.

Within this Nautilus 5711, the focal point undoubtedly lies in the movement. While the importance of movement holds true for every watch, it takes on added significance for this Nautilus 5711 replica. The movement within serves as a testament to the strides made in movement development by our factories. It features a super clone PP 324 automatic movement – a groundbreaking addition, marking the inaugural use of this super clone movement in Nautilus watches. Developed in-house by PPF, the meticulous attention to detail in the movement’s decoration, evident on the plates and auto rotor, showcases just how closely this clone movement mirrors its authentic counterpart.

One of the best-selling AP replicas

Is it comparable to a rock? This substantial timepiece stands out as one of the top-selling AP replicas. Managing such a sizable watch might pose a challenge for many individuals. Perhaps, acquiring one could be contemplated not just for its aesthetic appeal but also as a practical self-defense tool, potentially more effective than knives or other sharp objects. Upon receiving this watch, its weight becomes immediately apparent, noticeably heavier than most other full stainless steel watches. When worn on my slender wrist, the sensation is akin to having a stone tethered to my hand.

Crafted by the J12 factory, also known as JF among enthusiasts, this replica has garnered recognition. I’ve emphasized in previous posts that each watch factory excels in specific models. For instance, Noob dominates with Submariner and Daytona, while V6 shines with Ballon Bleu and Hublot. When seeking an AP replica, especially one with Secs@12, it’s crucial to turn your attention to J12. This is an undeniable reality. Opting for a Hublot Big Bang replica from a different factory than V6 might result in numerous issues, jeopardizing the watch’s longevity. Hence, for the finest Submariner and Daytona, Noob stands as the singular choice, and for an AP ROO replica, J12 is unequivocally the preferred option.

Regarding the craftsmanship of this AP replica, it attains a flawless ten. When it comes to the finish of an AP replica watch, J12 stands unparalleled, outshining other factories. The precision in both the case and bezel is of the highest caliber, evident when you have the watch in hand. The intricate edges and corners on the AP case pose a challenge for replication, but J12 excels in this aspect. The case’s quality is so commendable that one might consider it interchangeable with that of an authentic watch. The bezel, constructed from genuine black ceramic and brushed to perfection, seamlessly complements the rose gold tone of the case.

About movement, it is a clone 3126, which is modified with a Chinese chronograph movement. Check the decoration on movement plates and auto rotor, it looks beautiful and already very close to genuine AP 3126. However, there is one problem of this movement, whose self-winding efficiency is not high, means that you need to wind the watch every day, maybe more than once each day, to keep accurate time. And do not use the chronograph function too frequently, that will cause movement issues.