VS Factory published new eSteel PAM 1288 Submersible

When it comes to super clones of Panerai watches, one puzzling aspect is the apparent lack of involvement from other watch factories, aside from VS. Even during periods when the VS factory was temporarily closed, no other factories seemed keen on entering the market for Panerai replica watches. Although TT factory emerged, their Panerai replicas failed to achieve super clone status, despite some of their manual winding models enjoying strong sales.

VS factory initially gained prominence for its Panerai replica watches, which were unrivaled in quality several years ago — perhaps over a decade now. At that time, Panerai watches were immensely popular, and VS was the sole factory producing top-tier replica Panerai watches, boasting a comprehensive collection. Interestingly, VS initially operated under a different name during its formative years. Today, VS has ascended to become one of the market’s leading watch companies, alongside ZF.

When it comes to the best replica Panerai watches, I exclusively recommend VS. While other watch factories may desire a share of this market, I doubt their ability to compete. While watchmaking technology isn’t a closely guarded secret, the movements used in these Panerai replica watches, such as the super clone P.900 and super clone P.9010, seem exclusive to VS. The movement factory responsible for developing these super clone Panerai movements likely has an agreement with VS stipulating that all movements are exclusively supplied to them. VS, in turn, likely commits to ordering a specified quantity of movements from this factory. Therefore, by controlling the movement supply, VS effectively dominates the entire Panerai replica watch market.

The new Panerai replica watch in question is one of several 44mm Submersible models recently released by the VS factory. The genuine PAM 1288 is crafted from eSteel, a type of stainless steel. The replica features a brushed case, including the crown bridge, and a ceramic bezel insert adorned with studded markers in stainless steel. I particularly appreciate the stud decoration, reminiscent of traditional Panerai Submersible watches from the past. Superluminova material is applied to the hour markers and hands, although the exact composition remains a secret. While the replica’s lume may initially shine brightly, its long-term durability compared to genuine Panerai lume is uncertain. Inside beats VS factory’s classic super clone P.900 movement, rigorously tested over more than a decade in numerous Panerai watches, ensuring quality and accuracy with an ultra-low repair rate. The nylon band features leather sides for comfortable wear, and VS also provides an extra rubber band with this Panerai model.

VS Factory 1:1 Replica Panerai Submersible PAM 1232 Blue Carbon Watch

It is now December, marking the final month of 2022 and approaching our traditional Spring Festival. Many watch factories will soon close their stores to celebrate the holiday with their families. If you’re considering ordering a super clone before the holiday, it’s advisable to make your decision promptly. While the market is flooded with super clones, finding a trustworthy dealer can be challenging due to the presence of scammers. If you’re uncertain, feel free to send me an email for assistance.

Despite the demand, obtaining contact information for watch factories can be risky, as they are generally not inclined to share such details publicly. Additionally, the Chinese New Year holiday may prompt some watch factories to close from mid-December.

In recent weeks, the VS factory has emerged as a key player in the market, introducing numerous new Panerai replica watches. This is particularly exciting news as new Panerai replicas have been scarce for a while. Despite setbacks, VS continues to serve the market, distinguishing itself from Noob and JF, which have decided to permanently close their businesses, possibly due to accumulated profits and a desire to avoid risks.

One of the latest Panerai replicas from VS is the PAM 1232, part of the Submersible series and crafted from CARBOTECH material. The case, measuring 44mm in diameter and 15mm in thickness, boasts a forged carbon material, making it lightweight and featuring a unique carbon texture reminiscent of genuine CARBOTECH on the PAM 1232.

Examining the case back, the torpedo engraving (Siluro a Lenta Corsa in Italian) adds a distinctive touch, a rarity in modern Panerai watches that often opt for display case backs. However, it’s worth noting a mistake in the engraving – the word “CARBOTEOH” should be “CARBOTECH.” This error needs correction to maintain the authenticity of the replica.

On a positive note, the replica is equipped with VS factory’s renowned super clone P.900 automatic movement, a reliable and widely tested movement that stands as a key selling point. The movement’s track record suggests minimal issues, making it one of the best clone P.900 movements available.

If you plan to purchase this Panerai Submersible replica, it’s advisable to wait until VS factory corrects the mistake in the engraving.