Replica Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711 Green Dial with Super Clone 324 Movement

The Nautilus 5711 is consistently the most sought-after sports model by Patek Philippe. In the replica watch market, the Nautilus 5711 is also immensely popular, with many watch factories such as BP, PF, PPF, and 3KF producing their own versions. Even lesser-known factories manufacture this model. Similar to the replicas of the Rolex Submariner and Daytona, the quality of the Patek Nautilus 5711 replicas has seen significant improvements over the years, largely due to the efforts of PPF and 3KF. Their versions of the Nautilus 5711 are far superior to those from other manufacturers. Currently, the Nautilus 5711 has been updated to V4, and 3KF’s version has reached V2.

Today, I will share some pictures of the latest Nautilus 5711 model with a green dial, produced by 3K factory. PPF was the first to make this watch and has improved it four times, resulting in a nearly perfect replica Patek Philippe. As mentioned, PPF and 3KF have significantly enhanced the quality of the replica Patek Nautilus 5711, which is evident in this green model. The green color on the dial is now much closer to the genuine watch, especially in the PPF version. When comparing the PPF and 3KF versions, the green color on the PPF looks more authentic, just like their blue dial version, which is considered the best. However, this does not mean the 3KF version is not excellent.

Additionally, the movement in the 3K factory’s Nautilus 5711 is superior to those from other factories. 3K was the first manufacturer in the market to create the super clone PP 324 movement. This super clone 324 allows the case of their replica Nautilus 5711 to be thinner and closer to the genuine watch’s thickness. The PPF Nautilus 5711 is approximately 8.5mm thick, while the 3KF version is about 8.3mm thick. Although the difference in thickness is minimal, some buyers are very particular about this detail.

Take a look at the photos of this green Nautilus 5711, which features a black leather strap. The 3K factory also offers a stainless steel bracelet for this watch. If you order the Nautilus with the stainless steel bracelet, you will receive a leather strap for free.

VS Factory Replica Panerai PAM 968 Submersible Bronzo with Clone P.9010 Movement

Another Panerai watch made from bronze material is the PAM 968, following the popular PAM 382. The PAM 382 remains a top seller in the market, having been one of the best-selling replica Panerai watches. The newly released PAM 968 is thinner than the PAM 382. The green dial of the PAM 382 was a major draw for many buyers, in addition to its bronze construction. The PAM 968, however, features a brown dial, which may appeal to some, although others believe that green complements bronze better. Take a look at the photos below and share your thoughts.

As with most Panerai replicas, the new PAM 968 is produced by the VS factory. While there are many prominent factories creating Rolex replicas, the production of Panerai replicas is largely dominated by VS factory. It’s curious why no other factories have joined this market. While they might want to, they simply cannot compete with VS factory, which remains the leader in producing Panerai replica watches.

The PAM 968 replica from VS factory is crafted from solid bronze material. Some potential buyers of the PAM 382 replica questioned whether it was made from genuine solid bronze. When I assured them it was, they were skeptical, doubting the advancements in the replica watch industry. However, upon receiving their watches, they were amazed by the quality. The PAM 968 has a case diameter of 47mm and a thickness of 15.5mm. While this is still quite thick for many people, it is a significant improvement compared to other large tool watches with automatic movements, which can be up to 18mm thick.

The bezel, dial, and strap of the PAM 968 are all brown, matching the bronze tone of the case. This gives the PAM 968 a more uniform look compared to the PAM 382, though I find the green dial of the PAM 382 more appealing. The brown color on the bezel, dial, and strap gives the bronze case a rose gold appearance. The brown bezel has an insert made of real ceramic, and the brown dial features hour markers and hands filled with high-quality luminous material.

VS factory also provides an extra pair of green rubber straps with this watch. If you purchase the watch now, you’ll receive the green rubber straps for free. The watch’s specifications are shared below:

KW Factory Best Replica Panerai Luminor GMT Ceramica PAM 438 Review

KW is a factory established by Turks in Guangzhou, China. This factory specializes in producing high-quality Panerai replicas, including the Panerai GMT 441 replica I reviewed earlier. The Panerai GMT 441 is a ceramic Panerai watch, but unlike the Panerai GMT 438, it is not entirely ceramic. The Panerai GMT 438 produced by KW is a 1:1 replica of the genuine watch, with the size and other details closely matching the original, making it almost flawless.

When I first received this watch, it felt slightly heavy, weighing about 115 grams. I could sense its high-quality texture, but due to the ceramic material, it is lighter than other Panerai GMT watches made of stainless steel. In my opinion, ceramic has many advantages, such as a refined texture, scratch resistance, and color retention. The Panerai GMT 438 has a case diameter of 44 millimeters, similar to the Panerai GMT 441. The bezel, case head, and case back of the Panerai GMT 438 all feature a screw-down structure, which provides convenience for wearers who want to clean the dial.

Both the front and back crystals are made of sapphire, offering great hardness and high scratch resistance. Under the sapphire crystal, the dial looks very clear, especially in sunlight, maintaining readability. The texture of the black dial complements the black ceramic case. The dial features the same classic sandwich structure as the genuine watch, with a hollowed-out upper disc and a lower disc covered with durable luminous material. This design makes the hour markers appear more three-dimensional.

Additionally, the corners of the ceramic crown bridge are smoothly polished, ensuring comfortable wear.

Regarding the movement, the PAM 438 replica uses a black movement referenced as P.9001/B. To create an all-black watch, Panerai developed this blackened P.9001/B movement. KW factory used the Shanghai 7750 movement to replicate this, with DLC-coated movement bridges making the P.9001/B the most aesthetically pleasing movement among all Panerai replicas.

The bracelet is entirely made of ceramic, except for the black steel deployant clasp. There are many more details to discuss about this replica watch, and it is indeed one of the best-selling Panerai GMT replicas on the market. If any of you have purchased this watch, I would love to hear your opinions. Currently, the only ceramic watch I still keep in my collection is the Panerai GMT 438, and I absolutely love it.