VS Factory Replica Panerai Submersible PAM 1232 Blue Carbon Watch

It is now December, the final month of 2022, and we are also approaching our traditional Spring Festival. Many watch factories will be closing their stores and returning home to celebrate the holiday. If you want a super clone watch before the holiday, make your decision and place your order quickly. There are numerous super clones available in the market, and many websites sell them online. Finding a trustworthy dealer can be challenging because some are scammers. If you are unsure, feel free to email me. Many people still ask me for the websites and contact details of these watch factories. This industry is risky, and I believe none of them are willing to share contact information publicly. Moreover, they do not have business websites. Some watch factories may start their holiday break in mid-December for the Chinese New Year.

In the past two weeks, VS factory has taken the spotlight in the market. They have released numerous new Panerai replica watches, which is exciting news as we haven’t seen new Panerai replicas for a while. Despite the raid causing significant losses, VS has made a comeback. The same type of raid led to Noob and JF factories closing permanently, perhaps because they made enough money and didn’t want to risk continuing. VS, being a large and historic factory, has chosen to continue serving us, which we greatly appreciate.

The PAM 1232 is one of the new Panerai replicas recently released by VS. It’s unclear why VS decided to release so many Panerai replicas at the end of 2022, but it could mean Panerai will be a top seller in 2023. The new PAM 1232 is part of Panerai’s Submersible collection and is made with CARBOTECH material. While some websites list it as SB, it is actually the same factory. Future Panerai replicas from VS might be branded under the new name SB. The replica PAM 1232 has a large 44mm diameter and a 15mm thick case, which is acceptable for a diving watch. The case is lightweight due to its forged carbon material, and the unique carbon texture on the case, bezel, crown bridge, and lugs is stunning, closely resembling the CARBOTECH on the genuine PAM 1232.

I like the torpedo engraving on the case back, known as Siluro a Lenta Corsa in Italian. This feature is rare in modern Panerai watches, as most now use a display case back. The engraving on this replica watch isn’t as delicate as the genuine one, and there’s a noticeable mistake: the word “CARBOTEOH” instead of “CARBOTECH.” This error might deter buyers, as it’s a significant mistake. Many factories have made similar “letter” mistakes when releasing new replicas.

The replica uses VS factory’s renowned super clone P.900 automatic movement, which is another major selling point. This movement has been extensively tested in many clone Panerai watches and is very reliable. It is considered the best clone P.900 movement available in the market, and few customers have reported movement issues requiring repair.

If you want to buy this Panerai Submersible replica watch, I recommend waiting until VS factory corrects the “CARBOTEOH” mistake.

1980s UK Best Replica Cartier Santos Galbée Ref. 2961

Until recently, vintage Cartier replicas were somewhat exclusive. Many long-time collectors considered only pre-1970s watches, particularly those from Cartier London, as “true” vintage. Although replica Cartier watches from the 1980s, like the Santos we have here, were part of the brand’s expansion across London, Paris, and New York, these models are arguably more intriguing to collect than the earlier Pebble

Historically, the Santos is more significant to luxury replica Cartier UK than even the Tank. Originating in 1904, the Santos-Dumont is recognized as the first mass-produced replica watch, offered to the general public in 1911 due to popular demand, well before the Tank was introduced around 1919. Regardless of its production year, the Cartier Santos holds a rich history that even the most discerning vintage collectors cannot overlook.

The best 1:1 fake Cartier Santos Galbée ref. 2961 may not be rare or particularly exciting by name. A two-tone Santos from the ’80s offers good value but isn’t likely to grab much attention. What sets this AAA quality replica Cartier Santos apart is its striking red dial. Though not confirmed, it is believed that this dial and hand combination was released to mark the 75th anniversary of the Santos in 1979. Whether or not it’s an anniversary edition, the lacquered deep burgundy dial is stunning in person.

Our Cartier Santos replica for sale is in excellent condition, with a strong case and a flawless dial and hands. Most importantly, it has been fully serviced by our in-house watchmaker. You can find it right here in the Hodinkee shop.

Special prices on HW Panerai watches

People in the market claim that the immense popularity of replica watches produced by KW and VS significantly contributed to the global recognition of the authentic Panerai brand at that time. Do you agree? Years ago, Panerai was indeed highly sought after and was one of the hottest brands for a couple of years. However, its popularity has waned, which I believe is due to the repetitive designs of their watches. Consequently, Panerai replicas are also no longer as popular as they once were. Moving on to today’s topic, HW has just announced special prices on three Panerai models: PAM 000, PAM 111, and PAM 911.

Over a decade ago, I recall the intense competition between watchmakers H and Noob over the PAM 111 and PAM 000 models. Now, fewer watch enthusiasts are inclined to purchase these manual-winding Panerai replicas. Despite their high quality, it might be wise to buy one or two now, as they may become harder to find in the future. Each watch comes with an additional rubber band.

Furthermore, the shifting trends in the watch market have seen many collectors moving towards brands and models that offer more innovative designs and features. Panerai’s consistent design language, while iconic, may not appeal to those seeking novelty and technological advancements. Nonetheless, for enthusiasts who appreciate classic watchmaking and timeless design, the current offers on these Panerai models present a unique opportunity. Collectors might find value in securing these pieces now, especially with the added bonus of an extra rubber band, which enhances their versatility and durability.