How about the Sky-Dweller from New N Factory?

Sky-Dweller, this Rolex watch is hailed as the most intricate in its collection, and having read a watch review, I couldn’t agree more. The replica Rolex Sky-Dweller enjoyed a brief surge in popularity during Noob’s presence in the market. However, with Noob having ceased operations for several years now, this replica has largely faded from memory. Nonetheless, I still receive inquiries from people asking about the availability of super clones of the Sky-Dweller. In this article, I will delve into the quality of this watch offered by the New N Factory.

New N is known for producing two replicas, namely the Daytona and the Sky-Dweller. Their watches are identifiable by a prominent ‘N’ protective cap and an ‘N-904L’ sticker on the bracelet, reminiscent of the packaging used by the now-defunct Noob. Some have speculated that New N is operated by a relative of the former boss of Noob. However, upon examining the replica Sky-Dweller from New N, it became apparent that there was a significant disparity in its finish compared to Noob’s. Thus, based on the Sky-Dweller models I’ve encountered, I do not recommend purchasing them, even if they may appear appealing at first glance.

In addition to New N, there is another factory called TW that also produces replica Sky-Dwellers. However, their finish does not measure up to that of New N. Despite being in the market for many years, TW remains relatively unpopular and only offers replicas of moderate quality.

The new Sky-Dweller with a green face is visually appealing, and New N factory has produced a wide range of Sky-Dweller replicas, covering nearly every model available on the official Rolex website. Upon inspecting their functions, I found them to be in working order, although the rotatable bezel felt somewhat loose. Turning the bezel reveals the changing month display next to each hour marker—a red indicator. The central circle on the dial serves as a display for the second time zone, with a red and white triangle marker at the top indicating the time of the second time zone. This circle can be adjusted using the crown, and the time and date can also be adjusted via the same mechanism.

To conclude, I advise against purchasing a replica Sky-Dweller from our current market, as none of them can truly be labeled as super clones. Even though the New N version boasts a well-crafted case and bracelet, its loose bezel detracts from the overall operational experience. I remain hopeful that a factory—perhaps VS or Clean—will emerge to produce a much-improved replica. Nevertheless, I believe this is unlikely to occur within the next two years.

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