Clean Factory Replica Rolex GMT-Master II Two Tone Rose Gold Watch

Today, I have just come back from our Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, it is time to share the latest news of our watch industry, these days, many new watches have been released in our market. For example, Noob released the Super Clone 4130 Daytona V3 version and GMT-Master II 126710 Blue/Red, OM Factory launched a lot of Audemars Piguet Royal Oak watches, VS Factory launched some amazing Omega Seamaster watches and so on. The most attractive one is probably the GMT-Master II produced by Noob Factory.

At that time, Noob only launched one Rolex GMT-Master II, the blue/black 116710BLNR. This was Noob’s only GMT-Master II made of 904L stainless steel. Since then, Noob has focused on Daytona watches. In September, the Daytona products with 904L stainless steel and Super Clone 4130 movement were upgraded to the V3 version. I have to admit that the Noob factory currently has the best replica Daytona. take. However, Noob has fallen behind other factories such as GMF in the development of other Rolex models, especially the GMT-Master II. However, the 126710 blue/red GMT II just released by Noob has saved their face.

Over the past few years, the Rolex GMT-Master Batman 116710BLNR has been the most popular GMT watch. Until 2019, Rolex GMT-Master II has launched many new models, and there are many factories producing GMT-Master II. However, among the many watch manufacturers, none can use 904L stainless steel to manufacture them while using the same Rolex machine. Core, except Noob. So even if you have to wait a little longer to receive the watch you ordered from Noob, sometimes it’s worth the wait.

Now back to the review of this GMT-Master II, like other Rolex GMT-Master IIs, this case has a diameter of 40 mm and a case thickness of 12.5 mm. The case and Jubilee bracelet are both made of 904L stainless steel, the bezel is high quality ceramic, the color is blue/red, red actually looks like brown, and the bezel markers have a platinum coating that never fades. Regarding the movement, Noob installed a clone 3285 in this replica Rolex GMT, which is the first caliber 3285 on our market with correct hand stacking and adjustable hour hand, and it functions exactly like a genuine Rolex 3285.

The quality of Noob’s Rolex products is very good, some models represent the highest level of watchmaking in our market, and some models have become legends, such as the black Submariner 116610LN. For this GMT-Master, if you pursue perfection in case design, dial details and even movement functions, then choose Noob. However, as I said before, Noob’s super clone movement GMT-Master is not very stable. My previous customers who bought Noob GMT-Master are now having some problems with their watches. What I want to say is that Noob still has no guarantee for GMT. -Master has developed a movement as stable as the Super Clone 4130 of its Daytona product.

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