Swiss Patek Philippe Annual Calendar Regulator Self-Winding 18K Rose Gold 5235R Replica Watches Review

This Patek Philippe replica stands out from the crowd in a league of its own. When the ref. 5235, or 5235G, to be precise, made its debut in 2012, it marked Patek’s first foray into crafting a regulator-style wristwatch, with separate dials for hours, minutes, and seconds. Yet, true to Patek’s innovative spirit, they didn’t stop there, opting to incorporate an annual calendar and a trio of advanced movement components: the Pulsomax escapement, Spiromax balance spring, and Gyromax balance.

Upon its release, it became the first replica watch from the brand to be mass-produced with components from their Advanced Research division. Consequently, there were significant production delays following its initial launch, making it incredibly elusive for a period. Now, we witness a 1:1 super clone watch that, while housing the same technical prowess, offers a completely different perspective on the Patek Philippe Annual Calendar Regulator 18K Rose Gold Ref.5235 replica.

The 5235R features a rose gold case and a striking two-tone dial, juxtaposing matte black sub-dials with a vertically brushed graphite central portion. If the original 5235G exuded cool and crispness, the 5235R emanates warmth and allure. Priced at $51,830, it falls within the same price range as its predecessor, which seems to have been discontinued following this new release.

For Baselworld 2019, Patek Philippe introduced the Patek Philippe Annual Calendar Regulator ref. 5235R replica, with “R” denoting rose gold. The case, measuring 40.5mm x 10mm, remains slim for such a complex timepiece and is now crafted from the warm-toned metal, paired with a matte black alligator strap.

The movement within, while still housing the same technological advancements, presents a fresh interpretation of the 5235. The frequency of the new movement has been increased to 23,040vph, equivalent to 3.2 Hz, compared to the 21,600 semi-oscillations per hour of the classic self-winding caliber 240. Additionally, the power reserve has been extended to 38 to 48 hours, achieved through an extra-long mainspring and the utilization of the most stable portion of the power reserve for improved chronometry.

The movement, certified by the Patek Philippe Seal, is impeccably finished in the traditional Haute Horlogerie manner. Notably, the display and the movement found in this watch represent a departure from the conventional for Patek Philippe. The 5235 introduced a new caliber, ref. 31-260, powered by a micro-rotor and featuring innovative components such as the Silinvar oscillator, derived from silicon.

These groundbreaking components, including the Silinvar oscillator, the Pulsomax escapement, and the Gyromax balance, culminated in an innovative, anti-magnetic, lubrication-free movement. Developed by the Patek Philippe Advanced Research division, this movement paved the way for future innovations within the brand.

The regulator display, a traditional horological feature, was originally utilized in master clocks in workshops to ensure precise timekeeping. Its adaptation to a wristwatch showcases Patek Philippe’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of traditional watchmaking.

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